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Latest Stories From Big Art

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    In a new glaze

    Topical, playful aesthetic and even philosophical, this was the mood set by the ceramic work at Juneja Art Gallery in Jaipur. Sangeeta Juneja’s art gallery, that is located in an urban mill area in Jaipur played host to a powerful exhibition that focused on the

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    Artworks we dig at the Indian Ceramics Triennale

    It is imperative for ceramic art practices to be represented in the mainstream. To come out of the shadows of other art forms and show its diversity. We commend the initiative by the organisers, curators, artists and the sponsors.

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    Multifarious brings together three young artists who choose to look within themselves in relation to their surroundings, to derive meanings through an interpretation of everyday events. Translating them into their own system of languages, they refurbish these

Artist in Focus

Siddharth Kerkar

Ever since I was a little boy I loved fire. I enjoyed playing with fireworks and would often offer to empty the dustbin just because I could then burn the waste paper. I   have grown up watching fields being burnt in the summer. The farmers believe that burning the fields will make the soil more fertile. My abstract paintings spring from these patterns of burnt fields.