About us

We are an online art start-­up envisioned with a thrust on expanding awareness and creating a market that will be accessible to the new collector. It has been envisaged with strong curatorial content and handpicked artists. Our endeavour is to feature a good mix of people from Modern Masters, mid­-career artists to fresh contemporary faces. We also aim to be the bridge between the buyer and the artist facilitating a better understanding of mediums. We plan multiple shows, interactions and conversation starters, while also participating in national and international exhibitions, in the future. We are keen to display genres of paintings, photography, sculptures, sketches, drawings and installations.






Owner and Founder

Pranav is the Business Head of Art Explore. With over two decades of experience in retail and running businesses, with eye for interiors, he knows what it takes. Sensing an opportunity in the art market, Pranav has jumped head-on to test the volatile art market. He has hired a professional team that will help him achieve his vision, of creating a platform for art that is well-curated and accessible to all. He is a fan of gadgets and gizmos and enjoys epicurean delights across the globe.



CREATIVE (Co-Founder)

Vikram is the Co-Founder at Art Explore and a professional photographer. He has an eye for seeing beauty in mundane objects. With over 15-years of experience in photography he brings a vast bank of knowledge and understanding to Art Explore. To filter and control artwork, he has the ability to be brutally honest and critical when the need arises. As a photographer Vikram has a keen sense of aesthetics and sensitivity towards the visual medium. His works reflects the myriad emotions, colours and drama of the diversity of India while looking for the awe inspiring aspect of its oneness. Vikram has published and displayed his works at a variety of magazines and exhibitions. When not hard at work Vikram loves to travel and trek, following his health freak regime.




Aman is a tech wizard with the acumen to grasp what’s new and trending. He holds a degree of Management studies from Singapore’s prestigious Institute of Management. At Art Explore he looks into Operations and Logistics and brings new ideas to the table. He is a passionate young art collector who envisions Art Explore as the one-stop online destination for the finest art pieces powered by the state of the art technology. When his fingers are not on the keyboard they are strumming a mean guitar. He is a self-confessed foodie.




Aliyah is the exuberant, creative and zany designer at Art Explore who produces our brand’s visual identity. Aliyah began drawing and cartooning at a very young age and studied for her Bachelors of Art at Lasalle College of the Arts at Singapore, after which she went on to work as a senior designer at Sprinklr, a design firm based in New York. She is currently studying at Falmouth University in Cornwall UK. Her ultimate dream is to design children’s books. She enjoys cartooning because it presents exaggerated expressions, is stylized and can say the most profound things through humor. According to Aliyah Winnie the Pooh is Revolutionary. When she is not working as a designer she likes to eat chocolate, watch cartoons and play with her dog Mudd.