Flower In The Sky

Flower In The Sky by Mangesh Rajguru

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Flower In The Sky
Original Painting

This darkly humorous work is a dry comment on certain aspects of culture that may take on disturbing manifestations. The multi-legged creature appears as a manifestation of fundamental forces that raise their head from time to time, bringing chaos destruction and death in their wake. The death’s head gnaws with audacity on the flower, as below the pink legs of the traditional wrestler form a kind of fence. The presence of this creature is terrifying yet hilarious.

Medium: Oil, Acrylic stumping on paper.

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 36 X 72 Inches

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Mangesh Rajguru

Curator's Note

"Mangesh Rajguru is a young artist, who creates paintings, sculptures, installations and graphic prints...Read More