Finding Bliss 1

Finding Bliss 1 by Sudhir Bhagat

₹ 252,000

Finding Bliss 1
Original Painting

An extremely surreal portrait of a woman greets the viewers. The planes of the face are coloured differently giving a depth that is unusual yet aesthetically emotive and a realistic rendering of a duck is perched atop her head as though it is a beret. Her shoulders and back are flanked by softly illuminated red lotuses in full blossom. Overall, this artwork celebrates nature.

Medium: Oil on Canvas.

Year: 2017

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 36 X 48 inches

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Sudhir Bhagat

Born in 1964, New Delhi (India), Sudhir Bhagat graduated with BFA at Delhi College of Art in 1985. 25 years of experience as a designer and creativ...Read More