Man in the Forest

Man in the Forest by Payal Rosalind Malik

₹ 55,000

Man in the Forest
Original Painting

There is a rawness in the texture that is a deliberate indication of the half-formed emotions and uncertainty that besieges the fairy-like man holding a giant heart against his chest in the deep wilderness that surrounds him. His eyes are searching and his heart is vulnerable and open. The wings at his back hint at his child-like imagination. The artwork creates a brooding mood of mystery and magic. 

Medium: Oil on Canvas.

Year: 2017

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 30 X 36 Inches

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Payal Rosalind Malik

Payal Rosalind Malik Is an artist-designer, whose work reflects her spontaneous nature and love for adventure. Weaving complex arabesques, lin...Read More