Moonlight Junction

Moonlight Junction by Arun Prem

₹ 120,000

Moonlight Junction
Original Painting

This work is full of mystery. An unspoken narrative lies between the man and woman, who are headed in different directions and separated by a white goat. The man appears to be a foreigner, this indicated by his tattoo, white skin and shorts. The woman is unmistakably Indian in her saffron saree and raven hair. The Red Fort looming in the background places it in Delhi, as does the goat. One could read a failed romance into the work, or a coming together of two worlds.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 36 X 48 Inches

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Arun Prem

Curator's Note

"Arun is a diaspora artist based in California, however his work evokes the sights, sounds and smells ...Read More