Mountain Trails Series

Mountain Trails Series by Tribhuvan Kumar Deo

₹ 130,000

Mountain Trails (Series)
Original Painting

1. The little hamlet nestled on the side of the mountains presents a quick glimpse of life in the lap of nature. This series of three works are executed in dark earth tones as well as tea on paper and a hint of the textured charcoal. Deo is known to spend a majority of his free time in the solitude of the mountains and the serenity they possess. This work captures these preoccupations.  

2. Dominated by earth tones and treated by tea stains, Deo delineates a charming little settlement nestled in the raw power of the mountains. The settlement leans at an angle into the hillside accentuating a cosy atmosphere. The strokes are rough, giving this works a rugged vitality.   


3. Placing the building at the edge of a cliff, Deo lends the work a dynamic character and a buoyant feel to it. The mountains have a rich bronze feel to them...exalting in their primal beauty. The work has the earthy palette of browns of different shades. 

Medium: Watercolour & Tea on Paper.

Year: 2014

Shipped: Rolled.</p

  • 30 X 36 in. (Set)

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Tribhuvan Kumar Deo

Curator's Note:
A versatile artist, Tribhuvan is inspired by nature and is always in search of new modes of expression. Begi...Read More