The Age Of  Venus

The Age Of Venus by Arun Prem

₹ 190,000

The Age Of Venus
Original Painting

This is a large work, full of magic and mysticism, Arun considers it to be one of his statement pieces. It speaks of the coming together of past and present, east and west. The canvas is divided into two where the right side of the canvas represents allegory, with the Goddess Venus, painted pink, in the background and a primal Durga in the foreground. The other half depicts a crowded street with Taj Mahal looming in the background. A hooded and hunched figure appears to oversee this merging of worlds.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Shipped: Rolled.

  • 60 X 60 Inches

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Arun Prem

Curator's Note

"Arun is a diaspora artist based in California, however his work evokes the sights, sounds and smells ...Read More