Replenishing Desires I

Replenishing Desires I by Ram Dongre

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Replenishing Desires I
Original Painting


Ram Dongre creates a composition that celebrates the feminine principle.The three graces, of charm, beauty, and creativity are indicated by the three women protagonists. Giving the work his signature surreal twist, the women appear morphing from real to surreal beings. The blue tinged protagonist appears with her waist and legs in one part of the composition with the torso and the head in the upper register. The woman rendered in brown is perhaps less stylized, however her legs appear plastic and moves beyond its designated axis. The last woman is but a head floating mysteriously in space. These three virtues are surrounded by blooming flora, vegetation and landscape that is indicated stylistically by the artist.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Shipped: Packed.

  • 68 X 79 Inches

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Curator's Note:

"Ram Dongre is an artist whose work taps into the great Indian narrative of pastoral life, the p...Read More